What are the advantages of the library being in the James Cumming Wing?

    The perceived advantages of the Wing are:

    1. Its generous size means we can meet the expectations of a modern library service
    2. Its close proximity to the centre of town and the Council's administration building.
    3. It's close to a residential area, making it easier for a lot of people to walk to the library. 
    4. The Wing was overdue for refurbishment both inside and outside. Redeveloping the library in the space provides the opportunity to undertake two major projects as one and provide significant savings for ratepayers.

    Why not return to the old building in Norfolk Street?

    The size of the building is too small to provide a modern library and there was no room for expansion, due to the small parcel of land it sits on. Without increasing the library's size, the service would be limited in the future.

    The old building requires major re-roofing and repairs, which would cost a substantial amount.

    The $3 million Government funding is conditional on the library being in the James Cumming Wing.  

    What is meant by a modern public library?

    These days people expect a library to be much more than books on shelves. They are looking for social spaces, community spaces and digital connectivity. They want a neutral and trusted place to meet, talk and learn.

    A modern library supports print, digital and other literacies for all ages.

    A modern library gives people a sense of inclusion and social wellbeing, fostering a resilient community.